After the horrible terrorist attacks which shook the world, Paris was once more set to become the main attraction for the global media, since the city of love was now hosting a conference that could define and demonstrate our love for our own planet. Over 190 countries gathered in an environmental summit which lasted from November 30th until December 11th and where they could decide the fate of our world. This large meeting was very important, in many respects, and global leaders have also realized this great importance and they all attended the Paris Climate Summit 2016. The expectations were great, but what results were achieved after the conference?

As we all know, the efforts which the UN and other organizations are putting in UN-Climate-Change-summit-graphicprotection of our planet are not something new, and similar conferences were held on a couple of occasions in the last 25 years. Since 1992, they are “official” in the sense that they attract a lot of media attention and that the majority of world leaders attend them, even though decisions which are brought at these environmental summits may not be legally binding and not have a real and specific impact on the mother Earth.

For example, the agreement made at the famous Kyoto meeting was very promising,
but it was never ratified by the American Congress and it therefore remained a “missed opportunity” for ever. Experts are hoping that the same thing will not happen to the decisions made at the conference in Paris and that all countries will do their best to protect our environment.COP21_1

What was achieved in the Paris Climate Summit of 2016 can only be judged in the following years, since it is still way too early to make any definitive conclusion and to be able to accurately predict the outcome of the whole deal. There were some things which could have been done better, but the overall impression is that the summit was positive and that ramifications which will ensue are going to be beneficial for our planet.

cumbre-clima-ParísTo be more precise, global leaders agreed that they are going to keep the global heating below 3C, which is still higher that the popular 2C per year recommended by experts on climate change. However, leaders also established a pattern by which they are to meet every five years in order to asses their efforts and to adjust their behavior, in order to produce the best possible results. This has laid the foundations for decarbonisation, and the intentions to introduce clean technology and sustainable economies are evidently present, but now they need to be put into works.

Conflicting visions and opposite ideas seem to be left in the past, and everybody is under the impression that the targets for reduction of emission are in the zone which can be reached in a short period and that everything can be done with a peaceful and regular interaction of all nations in the world. Only if we all work together can we reach our goal – to save our planet for future generations.

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